Heating installations

Warmth and ambience

Design and construction of a heating installation

The main purpose in the construction of a heating installation is to meat your personal requirements with the highest comfort. Nevertheless there are several factors that has to be considered in the planing of each heating installation:

  • outside temperature
  • work load
  • temperature requirements
  • area and design of the property
  • ease of maintenance and usability constraints
  • and much more

There are many ways how a heating installation can be construction. Please contact our team to find the perfect solution for your needs. You can go through the following 5 steps to have a pre-look of the main key points of a heating installation:

I. Source of energy

The used fuel as source of energy defines the boundaries of the heating installation.

II. Source of heat

Solar panel

Solar panel as add-on for each heating installation.


Air-water heatpump with inverter technology and a high C.O.P.

Pellet stove (hydro)

Pellet stove as a base unit for a complete heating installation.

Pellet stove (air)

Pellet stove with integrated fan coil for better heat exchange.

Instantaneous hot water gas heater

Instantaneous hot water generation.

Gas fire

A perfect source of warmth and comfort.

Gas infrared heater

Gas infrared heater perfect for heating winter gardens, restaurants with open areas and balconies.

Gas fan coil

Direct source of heat.

Pellet boiler

Pellet boiler with automated cleaning system and minimal maintenance.

Gas boiler

The efficient way of heating.

Each installation needs an energy converter fuel-heat.

III. Final finish

Depending on the type of heating installation a multiple components are required for the final finish:

  • water pump
  • water filter
  • gas alarm unit
  • (WiFi) control unit
  • thermostat
  • gas filter
  • ... 

IV. Heat exchanger

There is also a choice of different types of heat exchangers.

V. Heat energy consumer

Hot water usage and heating of pools.



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